Stop spray-painting the world for new business

Whatever you’re selling, and I know you’re selling something, whatever it is, you need new customers.

Most of us are going about it all wrong though.

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Question of the week

Do you feel like this guy👇🏻 with your marketing?

Are you throwing a bunch of stuff all over the place and hoping it sticks?

A friend of mine is doing 8 figures in revenue and now spends just about ZERO dollars on advertising.

What if I told you that the best source of new business might actually be right in front of you?

Yes, I’m talking about your existing customers.

You see, humans share 2 inherent psychological attributes:

Social proof plays a significant role in our decision-making process.

We naturally seek validation for our choices and feel more confident when others share our positive experiences.

This principle applies to business as well.

Prospects are seeking social proof to influence their decision.

Purchasers want to validate their decision, so they like to talk about it to others.

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Building Relationships

As a DJ, I built a very successful international brand, performing on many stages in many cities in many countries.

But the success I obtained wasn’t just about crushing it on stage!

Yes I did that, and I consider myself a pretty good DJ, but technically I’m nowhere close to “the best.”

My real success came almost exclusively from my business strategy: build trust, make personal connections, and exceed expectations.

Instead of spray-painting the world with advertisements, I invested my time and energy into building quality relationships.

* This has to be authentic!
* People will see through chicken shit, and you won’t last long being fake.

With the combined relationships and delivery, I created a no-brainer situation for my clients to refer me to their networks… For example:

→ New York got me Zurich, that got me Bratislava, that got me Prague.
→ San Diego got me LA, that got me Vegas, that got me Tampa.
→ Miami got me Nicaragua, that got me Honduras, that got me Costa Rica.

These honest connections (that became friendships) all provided incredible opportunities.

I’m extremely grateful for the experiences and the friends I made in the music industry 🙏🏻

Your Business

The best marketing is through word-of-mouth referrals.

Outstanding service is a crucial aspect of generating referrals.

If your customers don’t have a remarkable experience with your brand, they won’t be motivated to recommend you to others.

So, while focusing on establishing real relationships is important, it should always go hand in hand with delivering exceptional value.

Then, once somebody has chosen to make the investment in your product or service, they want to know they made the right choice.

And, they want others to know they made the right choice.

Use these 4 simple steps to growth by way of your customers:

Prioritize customer satisfaction: Make it your mission to exceed customer expectations and provide an outstanding experience at every touchpoint.

Nurture relationships: Take the time to build genuine connections with your customers. Show them that you genuinely care about their success and well-being.

Create a referral-friendly environment: Make it easy for your customers to refer you by offering incentives, providing referral codes, or implementing a referral program.

Leverage the power of social proof: Highlight testimonials, case studies, and success stories from your satisfied customers. This helps build trust and encourages others to choose your brand.

By focusing on your existing customers and creating remarkable experiences, you can tap into the power of human psychology and turn your customers into brand advocates.

So, stop spray-painting the world for new business and start investing in the relationships you already have.

The results may surprise you!

– Brian “swimming in Siesta” Orr

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