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Brian Orr is a former international DJ turned brand strategist who has spent decades helping business owners unlock their potential and achieve massive growth. From working with top brands like HBO, Armani, and Nintendo, Brian’s expertise in branding and audience engagement is unparalleled.

Starting from his first a paid gig at age 7 on a TV show, Brian’s journey in life and business has been extraordinary.

Today, as an investor with extensive experience in underwriting small businesses, Brian channels his passion into helping entrepreneurs build the lifestyle they desire. He does this through personalized coaching, comprehensive courses, and impactful speaking engagements.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Brian is a dedicated husband and a homeschool father of three.

I continuously learn and gain valuable insight from Brian that helps my medical practice stand out and has ensured the transformation of my vision into a respected and successful brand.

He is an excellent listener and has great humor that brings ease to times of stress, and as a female entrepreneur, I trust Brian implicitly.

Dr. Mära Kevan

Working with Brian has been enlightening; his mind for branding and positioning has transformed my business, freeing up my time and increasing my bottom line!

His genuine care and strategic guidance make him the go-to expert for anyone looking to develop their brand and achieve remarkable success.

Dr. John Broussard

Brian created a new gym slogan, designed a pop-up event, developed a welcome automation sequence for new clients, and crafted a client testimonial process.

What I appreciated most was how tailored his recommendations were to my gym, clients, and brand.

Olya Schaefer
CEO, The Athleticus

Through our conversations, I never felt like a failure; instead, I was encouraged and motivated to find solutions.

Thank you Brian for the time and care you put into your client’s business. You treat my business as if it were your own and it has truly changed my life for the better.


I left our session with a better understanding of myself, and some easy, actionable processes to incorporate right away.

I look forward to implementing these changes and having a follow-up with Brian in the near future to continue this process.


Faced with hiring confusion, I consulted Brian, who redirected my focus from new hires to building a better system.

He turned uncertainty into a clear path for income growth.


Brian has been a great problem solver for me as I have been working through what I needed to do to grow my notary firm.

Since working with Brian I’ve hired ELEVEN people and we’re growing beautifully!

Amanda Loeffler
CEO, Loeffler Notary

Brian is not just a marketer, but an exceptional strategist who has helped me fine-tune my messaging and avoid missteps.

He expertly balances big-picture focus and attention to detail, offering insightful solutions and leading to major lightbulb moments!

Looking for clarity in your brand and growth strategies?

Coaching Packages

Each of these packages requires an application process.


60 Day Brand Transformation Program

Gain absolute clarity on your brand’s direction

Master market psychology to connect with your audience

Build strong, sustainable relationships for growth

Rapid, impactful brand transformation

Achieve work-life balance and enhanced lifestyle satisfaction


12 Month Mastery Program

60 Day BTP plus

Long-term brand growth and sustainability

Enhanced market positioning and customer loyalty

Significant increase in revenue and business impact

Continuous support and accountability for lasting success

Comprehensive lifestyle transformation for sustained personal and professional growth



Immediate Actionable Insights: Receive tailored strategies for your business needs.

Personalized Experience: Exclusive 1:1 coaching with Brian Orr.

Luxury Accommodations: Stay in a 5-star hotel in Tampa, ensuring a comfortable and inspiring environment.

Customized Action Plan: Walk away with RIGHT NOW actionable plan for growth.

Lifestyle Enhancement: Focus on strategies for achieving a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

I walked away with a lot to think about and a better understanding of how to think about branding.

Whitney Leigh Smith
Attorney & Investor

Your presentation rocked!
I loved how you covered the different brand voices of well-known brands

Josh Naaman
CEO, Naaman Creative

I really could have used another hour on this. It helps bring focus to how we present ourselves and our business.

Eric Nutting
Business Coach

Brian’s speaking brand: confident, approachable, engaging, authoritative.

Michele DiPinto