Lessons from a Swiss battle

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Let’s Get Down to Business

About 10 years ago I was invited to compete in a DJ battle in Arosa, Switzerland (the Swiss Alps).

This is one of those places you see on a reel that looks like the mountains grew up around it.

I had a great set that night and absolutely ROCKED the crowd but I still lost the DJ battle.

I’m so happy I did.

The fact is it taught me a lot about business, character and relationships:

Arosa, Switzerland

3 important lessons I learned that night:

Beyond the Win: Winning isn’t everything. Sometimes, the real victory lies beyond the trophy or the title. It’s in the journey, the experience, and the lessons learned along the way.

Respect and Graciousness: Respect for local customs and the talent of others is crucial, even in competition. Being a gracious guest can go a long way in building character and reputation.

The Value of a Loss: Sometimes, a loss can be just as valuable as a win. The impact we have on others and the attitudes we bring to a situation can leave a lasting impression.

The Supremus crew on our way up the mountain.

Here’s the quick story: 👇

I (American) had made it through 3 rounds against other international DJs.

I now stood in the final against the local Swiss hero in a 5-minute DJ set.

Before I ever arrived I was told they would hate me (in jest) but I wanted to prove them wrong.

I started my set and the crowd booed me HARD for the first 2 solid minutes!!

Damn, these guys weren’t kidding.

Then, in the most Rocky/Drago moment I’ve ever experienced, the tables turned (get it?)

The boos turned to cheers and I couldn’t believe it.

The crowd was really vibing to my style, song selections, skill display and I was feeling it!

However in the same moment they started cheering me… I realized I didn’t want to win anymore.

I quickly, and I mean quickly thought about the potential outcomes:

I realized my winning would’ve done far more to HURT the other DJ’s brand than to it would HELP mine.

I didn’t quite let up per se, but I quickly snapped into a new self-awareness and acceptance and silently prayed for him to win.


The Aftermath: A Win-Win Situation

If I win, I say: “Hey guys, I won that DJ battle” (…crickets, nobody cares)

Local press headline: “Local DJ can’t stand up to foreign competition”

This sounds like a terrible outcome to me.

But if he wins:

His Winning headline: “Local talent beats American DJ in a fierce battle!”

I say: “Hey guys, I just got paid to go to party in the Swiss Alps!”

In the end, he was ultimately voted the winner. (some people actually booed the result tbh)

But truly I was HAPPY. 😃 😃 

You see he and I both ended up winning a lot more than a trophy that day.

He won tons of local respect and admiration for his victory.

I won:

Personal growth

Healthy relationships

Memories and experiences

Respect for my talent and skills

Deepened cultural understanding

Since then:

That was the first of 4 or 5 different times I was paid to travel and perform in the Alps.

I truly believe that would not have happened if I would have “won” the battle.

The Power of Perspective

This experience taught me a lesson in the power of perspective.

It’s not always about winning or losing; it’s about the value we derive from the experience.

It’s about understanding that sometimes, the best outcome isn’t the most obvious one.

So, the next time you find yourself in a competitive situation, remember this story.

Remember that there’s more to winning than a trophy or a title.

And remember that sometimes, a loss can be a win in disguise.

Brian ‘choose your battles’ Orr

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